13 Myths about Mattress

Well prayed sleeps better! For this reason, the sleeping pad plays a particularly important role. Anyone who longs for a good night's sleep should pay particular attention to the choice of mattress. Anyone who has ever visited a mattress specialist store knows what a wide selection this has to offer. There is one of the classic spring mattresses, which continues to enjoy great popularity. However, she is the latex or foam mattress in any way. But which is the right one for sleep?

The classic: spring mattress

The way you use thebest-mattress for infois still very popular as a sleeping pad. Inside is a hard core surrounded by steel springs. These are individually movable and can thus distribute the pressure better depending on the sleeping position.

Advantages: The mattress with spring core is particularly hard-wearing, durable and inexpensive. In addition, it has a good air circulation. However, the high weight can also be disadvantageous.

Gives up under pressure: the latex mattress

Characteristic of the latex mattress are the different degrees of hardness in the pressure zones. The trade offers both natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Both are relatively elastic and cuddly to the body. Where more pressure is exerted, the mattress gives way more, yet it compensates for places that put less weight on the surface such as the lumbar vertebrae. Overall, this can exert a relieving effect on the body.

Advantages: The material has a good thermal insulation without clogging the pores. And yet it also has a good sweat evaporation and air circulation. But beware! Regular airing is mandatory, so that no mold is created. Another disadvantage is the high weight and corresponding unwieldiness.

Foam mattress - pure plastic

Mattresses, which the trade offers under the name foam mattress, were usually made of polyurethane. The well-known cold foam mattress was also made of plastic. It has a high elasticity. It is extremely breathable due to the coarse pore structure. Viscoelastic foam bed pads are very popular in clinics.

Plus point: The foam mattress can be snuggled up to the warm body and replicates its imprint. This circumstance is best seen shortly after getting up. This feature is intended to better distribute the body weight of the sleeper and thus avoid any pressure points.

Negative: The foam mattress is less suitable for restless sleepers, because turning over on this surface is not quite so easy.

Material mix - good properties combined

Many manufacturers have begun to combine the different characteristics. Thus, for example, viscoelastic foam can be combined with a cold foam mattress and a spring core with a latex mattress.

Probeliegen - important when buying a mattress

If the mattress is to fit the personal needs, then you cannot get around the test lying. Take your time with the decision, because only then can you be sure which document suits you best. A washable cover is very beneficial. Of course quality has its price - even with mattresses.

The right mattress - questions and answers for the right choice

The choice of mattress is important for a good and healthy sleep! And thus also for your day - your energy, your mood, your zest for life!

The online mattress consultant will show you which mattress and mattress strength is best for you. If you do not want to answer the questions in the Online Mattress Consultant, you can also find your mattresses by answering the following questions:

Questions about choosing the right natural mattress

  1. Is the mattress for a woman or a man?

This question is important because women and men are built differently. For example, women usually have more pronounced hips, men often broader shoulders. This affects how the mattress is constructed and how firm or elastic it should be in the hip or shoulder area.

  1. How tall are you? What's your weight?

Size and weight are crucial for choosing the mattress: While tall, heavy people usually sleep best on firm mattresses, small, lean types prefer softer mattresses.

  1. Your age?

While in the youth and into the 30's often stronger or medium mattresses preferred, most people are much better with increasing age and (pressure) sensitive musculoskeletal system on soft, elastic mattresses.

  1. How pronounced are your body awareness and your athleticism?

Also, the extent of physical activity affects the choice of mattresses: For body-conscious, athletic types we recommend rather solid, compact mattresses, while less athletic people usually prefer medium to soft sleeping pads.

  1. What is your heat requirement?

How warm it is to be in bed varies from person to person and depends on several factors, such as age, sex, type, etc. Your answer to this question will help us recommend a mattress that is always warm enough without You start to sweat.

  1. Which lying comfort do you prefer?

This question is about spontaneously and intuitively assessing what kind of lying-feeling you like: firm, compact, soft, elastic etc.

  1. What is your preferred reclining position?

Although you often turn back and forth at night, every person has a preferred sleeping position. Thus pronounced side sleepers usually feel most comfortable on a soft or medium-firm mattress. Belly and back sleepers often choose medium to firm models, which provide the spine a good support.

  1. How is your back?

It's great if you are doing well all around and you feel fit! Equally important for recommending the right mattress is if your musculoskeletal system causes problems here and there. If this is the case, point-elastic mattresses with multiple zones are usually the best choice.

  1. Are you sensitive to animal hair?

If you are sensitive to animal hair (eg new wool), you should choose one of our mattresses, which are made exclusively from vegetable materials (cotton, natural latex, coconut fibers)!

  1. Which slatted frame do you use?

The slatted frame is an important partner of the mattress: with it you make the fine tuning of the lying comfort. The slatted frame therefore contributes significantly to good sleep. So Sleep better with the matching mattress.